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About The Trading Tutor

James Newman  Who Is He? What is his background? Jim is the director of JFN Investor Services Pty Ltd (ABN 47 005 097 727) a company established in Victoria in 1974 .
Jim has over 40 years experience in financial services, investments, shares, derivatives, property and superannuation. A regular commentator on financial matters, public speaker, he appeared on television and presented a weekly financial report on his radio program "Money & You" on Radio 3MP.


He authored the acclaimed audio tape series (ten cassettes) "Gateway to Financial Freedom" 

Jim first obtained a Securities Dealers Licence in 1982 and during his time as a Securities dealer,  created several financial and investment products including the development of the first "Master Trust", today a multi-billion dollar industry. In 1990 Jim undertook an extensive research assignment into the world's financial markets.
He spent considerable time in Europe with over 6 months in Zurich, Switzerland where he gained his knowledge of risk analysis.


One of his findings was that the most successful investors treat their investments as a "cash flow business". Obviously if you can increase and maximise your cash flow, you can reduce debt, create wealth and live your chosen lifestyle. In France, he studied financial trading strategies and learned the concept of teaching a simple trading strategy without the usual complicated jargon.

Jim blended both his findings from his research in France and Switzerland to develop Indextra, a training  program which, concentrates initially on selecting trades based on risk analysis followed by profit analysis and regular, low risk and consistent small profits.

These can obviously accumulate into large sums but at no stage does the investor exceed the risk levels that he or she has determined.
He does not recommend all of investors' funds be used but only a portion that should be deemed "business capital" designed to generate cash flow.

The balance "investment capital" should remain in the traditional investment areas. 



J F N  Investor Services  Pty Ltd

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Trading Tutor, Indextra and The Indextra Institute are registered business names of JFN Investor Services Pty Ltd ACN 005 097 727

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