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Indextra Graduates

What Sort Of People Are They?   Indextra Graduates represent a broad cross section of society. Occupations include - Accountants (own Practice, management, retired, and chartered), administration clerks, builders (industrial & residential housing), business managers, caterer, courier, doctor & dentists, farmers, finance manager, flight engineer, florist, gardeners, home duties, IT workers, metallurgist, minister of religion, mortgage brokers, nurses, occupational therapist, pharmacist, potter, process workers, project manager, professor, public servants, puppet maker, restaurateurs, retirees, sales clerk, sales manager (kitchens, real estate, truck sales), secretary, personal assistants, security worker, self employed truck driver, share traders, software programmers, teachers and work care recipients are some of the varied occupations (15% of which, are self-employed) that have become traders .


However, the biggest one sector comes from the nursing fraternity both male and females.
Why have so many nurses turned to trading the Indextra System?
The answer is simple, when you stop and think about it, nurses are used to following a system in their daily duties.

Why Did They Embrace Indextra? Graduates gave their primary reason as follows:  To build up capital  3% Debt reduction  7% Establish an alternative income source  26% Increase investment portfolio returns 5% Increase Self Managed Super Fund returns 16% Liked the concept of small low risk returns with constant repetitions 21% Pay school fees  3% Set up retirement income 19%   
Are they happy with Indextra?
The following are extracts from radio interviews with Jim on Radio 3MP (full transcripts are available from the Institute upon request).

James (Patterson Lakes), "If you have any difficulty at all, ring him up. What I like about Jim, too, is out of the blue he'll ring you up and ask how you are going because he hasn't heard from you for a month or two, just to check on how things are going. I like that, being able to touch base and get the feed back". 

Kevin (Pt. Cook), "The philosophy that I was following previously is totally different to what I am following with Indextra. With what I was doing previously I was well and truly exposed to a risk of losing money. I am now totally satisfied with Indextra".  

Keith (Wheelers Hill), "Initially we paper traded for 5 months. In our first year we had 9 trades, all successful. So, in 7 months on a $20,000 trading capital we've had 55% in profits. Over this financial year (08-09) we've earned just over $80,000. I started with a target income of $400 per week and averaged $1,570 per week. I have drawn $50,000 to update the house, take a holiday and pay tax. I will revert back to trading capital of $50,000 for the coming financial year and target $600 per week. 
So Indextra has certainly come up to our expectations and much more".

Helen (Box Hill), "It's been terrific. I had no previous experience at all and I found training very informative, very simple because not having had any experience, you learn as you go and I have found it very easy. You practice for a few months before you trade with any money. I would recommend it to anyone. This year we started trading for real. With Indextra you know up front what you are going to be earning. Between February and April with a month;s holiday in the middle, that's about 50 days of trading, we did 3 trades. The first one gave us $820; the second $285; the third $479 with a working capital of $20,000. That gave us an average of 7.9% simple interest in 50 days which is equivalent to an annualised return of 57%.

Barry (Balnarring), "We work on low-medium risk which is a little higher than you. We've been averaging excellent returns. We've made between 3% and 10% on most trades over 16 months with no losses. The highlight for me was in the first 6 months we made a profit of 58.75%".

Lorraine (Berwick), "I've looked at the losses that have been having over the last few years and we thought it was time to take control.

Indextra offered this to us. It's been great.
The fact that we can ring you up any time and the clarity that we come away from training with puts everything into perspective and we roll on from one level to the next. You seem to understand when we are ready to go to the next level and put the next strategy in place".

David (Cheltenham), "The first 3 paper trades I didn't do very well, it was a trending market and I didn't understand how to get out of it.
 I would've lost a small amount of money but it was a good learning experience. Trade 4- returned 15% in 49 days Trade 5 -  50% in 41 days (a very risky one) Trade 6 - 11% in 63 days Trade 7 - 30% in 19 days Trade 8 - 12% in 46 days Trade 9 - 10% in 46 days Trade10 -13% in 71 days.

Tony (Avondale Heights), "I use a couple of percentage indicators. I do the actual percentage for the period of the trade so the first trade I did was 2.4% return then I brought it down to a daily percentage rate which was 0.8% and then I  worked out that's 30% per annum and that's the worst trade I've done. Other trades that I've done on a per annum basis equate up to 80%.

The current trade, the forecast on a per annum basis is 38% but on the actual return for the time period that we are going to be in it will be a 4 1/2 % return. It's pretty good stuff.
So far for the year to date I've got a 37.9% return since I started trading in June.
I started with $20,000 for the first trade and after a couple of trades added another $20,000 and just recently put in another $20,000. Now we're trading $60,000 of our super fund and it's looking good".


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